President Kevin Worthen of Brigham Young University said, “What a magnificent building this is, as I say it is a wonderful sight to see you here. If you haven’t had an opportunity tour the building we would encourage you to do so, it is a remarkable facility.”

The building is named the Engineering Building, Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering.

Elder David A. Bednar spoke on the importance of honoring hte past as we move into a new season. He said, “I pray we always will remember those who have gone before.”

For many this building is more than just a project, and on this dedication day spirits were running high. Doug Welling, CEO of Jacobsen Construction, said, “As a young student at Brigham Young University I enrolled in the college of engineering and at that time it was the Clyde building, and I had a tremendous experience learning from professors, joining with fellow students, and learning how to build. And so, when we had the opportunity as a construction company to build this brand new engineering facility with all of the latest technology and collaborative spaces and advancements, it was just a dream come true for me.”

Although being in the works for many years before hand the construction sight was marked on May ninth 2016. It took many invested people who worked tirelessly to put it all together.

Engineering students are already using the facility and appreciate the changes.

Mechanical Engineering student, Sandra Thomas, said, “I really like doing engineering and I like BYU. It’s really great and I really like that there are open windows now so that were not like in darkness all the time.”

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