Pumpkin recipes to spice up your fall


It’s fall and that means it’s time to pull out the pumpkin recipes. Few foods have the seasonal notoriety that the pumpkin possesses. Where there are thoughts of the fall season, thoughts of pumpkins are never far behind. Here are some recipes to get started.


Pumpkin pancakes will give you a hearty start to the day. Enjoy these fluffy, delectable pancakes with jam or, as the recipe suggests, with syrup, pecans, and whipped cream.

(Photo and recipe courtesy of Somewhat Simple)


A creamy pumpkin soup will heat you up on a blustery October day. Plus, it pairs well with these rosemary pumpkin rolls.

(Photo and recipe courtesy of RecipeTin Eats)

After lunch, try these pumpkin chocolate chip bars as a treat!

(Photo and recipe courtesy of Together as Family)


Fettucine alfredo is well and good, but this creamy pumpkin alfredo is where it’s at.

(Photo and recipe courtesy of YellowBlissRoad)


A fluffy pumpkin angel food cake will give you the perfectly sweet ending to your pumpkin-filled day. After dinner, put on a fluffy sweater, curl up in a blanket and drink some pumpkin hot chocolate to keep warm through the chilly fall night.

(Photo and recipe courtesy of Meal Planning Magic)
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