BYU takes control of old Provo High School property

(Bryan Pearson)
BYU has now taken control of the old Provo High School property, which the university purchased in 2016. (Bryan Pearson)

It’s official: BYU now has full control over the old Provo High School property two years after acquiring it.

Although the property’s future is uncertain, the tennis courts, track and athletic fields will be open to the public, according to BYU News. The north parking lot will become a “U” Lot, available for free to BYU students with registered cars.

“No immediate plans have been made for the future of the facility, but discussions are underway,” BYU CFO Brian Evans told BYU News. “Limited temporary use of the office space and activity areas in the school will take place.”

The Daily Universe previously reported that BYU bought the Provo High School property in 2016 for $25 million. The university rented the property to the Provo School District for two years as the district built a new campus, which was completed in August in west Provo.

BYU is also in the process of acquiring the old Provo seminary building, which will house two YSA wards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to BYU News.

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