BYU toasts to 21 years ‘Stone-Cold Sober’


BYU students raised their glasses to a new chocolate milk flavor in celebration of 21 consecutive years being “Stone Cold Sober” on Sept. 7.

The Stone Cold Sober ranking is based on student ratings of alcohol and drug use at their schools and BYU has continued to be number one. The Princeton Review creates a list of 62 categories by surveying 138,000 students at 384 top colleges. This list helps differentiate the schools by specific topics of interest.

In honor of the university’s 21st toast to sobriety, BYU Dining Services debuted a new mint brownie flavor inspired by BYU’s popular mint brownies found on campus. The “Stone Cold 21” chocolate milk will not be officially sold until later this year, according to a BYU press release.

BYU freshman Kenzie Koehle was standing in the long line of students at Brigham Square waiting to try the new milk. After sampling the drink, she said the new flavor was great.

“It’s basically like melted mint chocolate chip ice cream,” she said.

BYU student Jake Robins also said he loved the creamy and chocolatey texture of this milk, as well as the meaning behind the award.

“I think it’s cool to be able to say that we have so many students that are willing to live an admirable standard that promotes the well-being of all students on campus,” Robins said.

BYU student Steven Flinders said he recognizes the good reputation BYU has with post-graduate schools, job candidates, and more because “we have a standard and that shows that we are willing to hold to other standards as well.”

University spokesperson Natalie Ipson also said this year’s toast was a great way to celebrate the Stone Cold Sober award.

Our students, faculty, and alums enjoy celebrating this ranking each year, and this is a fun way to celebrate that,” she said.

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