Learn 5 facts related to BYU Native American population


November is known as Native American Heritage month. Listed below are five facts about the Native American students on campus.

  1. There are 562 federally recognized tribes in the U.S. according to the National Congress of American Indians. Some tribes are denied federal recognition but are state recognized. Approximately 70 tribes are represented at BYU.
  2. BYU has a Native American club called Tribe of Many Feathers. This club provides awareness and teaches all students about the Native American cultures. For their opening social, the club made dreamcatchers. At the beginning of November they held a Navajo Taco Sale and also sold frybread to celebrate Native American Heritage month. 
  3. According to Forbes 0.03 percent of BYU students are American Indian. 
  4. BYU has an American Indian Studies minor offered to BYU students within the department of history. This minor is 21 credits of history, sociology, anthropology, religion and Navajo language classes. 
  5. The Chief Massasoit statue stands west of the library. The statue was sculpted by Cyrus Dallin. Daillin also sculpted the Angel Moroni statue for the Salt Lake Temple. Chief Massasoit is a symbol of friendship. He is on the BYU campus to encourage friendship among all people. 

Editor’s note: Erin Tapahe is a BYU student majoring in news media and minoring in American Indian studies and sociology. Tapahe is full-blooded Navajo and originally from Window Rock, Arizona. In celebration of Native American Heritage month Tapahe is currently working on various projects to share the Native American culture through video and public speaking opportunities.

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