BYU dismisses threat of active shooter on campus


Editor’s note: This story was last updated on Friday, Nov. 10, at 3 p.m.

BYU and ROTC officials have dismissed the threat of an active shooter on the BYU campus Friday morning.

Lt. Col. Maeli Allison, director of public affairs at Air University, stated the BYU ROTC Presidential Review scheduled for Friday morning was cancelled due to concerns about BYU cadets’ safety.

Lt. Col. Allison confirmed “there was no active shooter” despite previous rumors.

“This morning the Air Force ROTC detachment at BYU was approached by the BYU campus police who advised caution about the potential safety of ROTC cadets,” Lt. Col. Allison said. “Out of extreme caution and because student safety is paramount, the Air Force ROTC detachment commander cancelled the parade in which the cadets were scheduled to march.”

Todd Hollingshead, media relations manager and information manager of BYU University Communications, also stated that the rumors of an active shooter were not true.

Lt. Steven Messick of the BYU Police reiterated this information and said “there was no threat to BYU.”

UVU student Nick Foster reported receiving a notification from KSL about the threat around 9 a.m. Friday morning.

“I, as well as two other people in my morning class, got a notification about the threat of an active shooter on BYU campus,” Foster said in a text message.

In case of an emergency, an alert will be sent out through BYU’s Y-Alert system.

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