5 steps to survive a Utah winter


We all know Utah winters are the worst, so here are some tips on how to survive:

1. Invest in a thick coat so that even though your nose maybe freezing off your face, you can keep your internal temp above freezing.

2. Good boots make all the difference! Sadly, the season for sandals and tennis shoes is passing, but getting a great pair of snow boots can prepare you for walking to campus or hitting the slopes!

3. Beanies are great for accessorizing and for keeping your head and ears warm. So if your nose is frozen, at least your brain is thaw and is still able to retain all the information your professors throw at you!

4. Stock up on your hot cocoa now so when the blizzard hits amid finals week, you’ll be stuck in your apartment with a warm drink whilst crying about your exams.

5. Finally, after enduring such a miserable winter and finals week, you deserve to treat yourself. Whether that’s getting yourself some plane tickets to enjoy a vacation in a warmer climate or just heading to Target and enjoying the last Peppermint hot chocolate of the season, you deserve a break.

Hope these tips help you survive the winter this season, Cougars!

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