Police Beat: August 7-14




Aug 7 – A BYU student reported a wallet taken from the bowling alley area in the Wilkinson Student Center. The wallet was recovered, and a male juvenile was arrested.

Aug 11 – An individual reported a backpack taken from a Cannon Center cubicle. The backpack was taken by mistake by an individual who had the same design on their backpack. The backpacks were reunited with their owners.


Aug 8 – A student reported an intoxicated person on campus. The transient male was located and arrested. He had several warrants out for his arrest.

Sexual Assault

Aug 9 – A female reported inappropriate touching by another individual in the lot northwest of the Talmage Building.


Aug 11 – An individual placed another individual’s property on the roof of the Canon Center, a restricted area. It appears to have been a practical joke.



Aug 7 – A South Orem apartment was burglarized. Two TVs were ripped off the walls and some wiring damage was done. Police are using video surveillance to identify the suspects.

Aug 7 – A man working out at a gym put his car keys and wallet in an unlocked locker. The contents of his wallet and his 2017 Hyundai Accent were stolen.

Aug 7 – A man rented a black Dodge truck from Budget Rental and failed to return it. It has been listed as stolen.

Aug 7 – A man rented a black Ford F-150 from Budget Rental and failed to return it. It has been listed as stolen.

Aug 7 – Several thousands of dollars of construction equipment was stolen out of a trailer near 400 South Orem Boulevard.

Aug 7 – A woman was arrested after she shoplifted from 7/11. Marijuana was also found on her person.


Aug 7 – A local pawn shop purchased a $960 Home Depot gift card from a man. When they checked the gift card, it had no money on it.


Aug 7 – An officer stopped a man on a bike who was riding at night with no lights. The man pulled out his wallet, and pills and marijuana fell out.

Aug 7 – An officer responded to a report of a man trying to get into a home. The suspect appeared to be under the influence. When when he emptied his pockets, he dropped marijuana and cocaine.

Aug 7 – An officer stopped a car and found marijuana, drug paraphernalia and an open alcohol container in the car. A female was arrested.


Aug 7 – Police responded to a report of people trespassing at the Holiday Inn. One man lied about who he was so police would not know there was a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested and heroin was found on his person.

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