BYU’s Vocal Point releases viral ‘Beauty and the Beast’ music video

BYU’s Vocal Point releases a new “Beauty and the Beast” a capella medley music video, featuring Lexi Walker (front). (McKay Crockett)

BYU’s a capella group, Vocal Point, released a new “Beauty and the Beast” medley music video featuring Lexi Walker and the BYU Ballroom Dance Company, in preparation for the new film’s release on March 17.

The music video is trending on YouTube and is still gaining popularity with more than 150,000 views.

Vocal Point member Kyle Lemperle said he is excited about the response the group has received.

“It made staying up until five in the morning totally worth it,” Lemperle said. “Every video we make we do in hopes to make people happy and excited, so it’s been very gratifying to see people enjoy this as much as us.”

Lemperle said they wanted to take the audience on a magical journey through the music video.

“We filmed it in a castle, we have an amazing soloist, Lexi Walker, shredding the vocals, and we have the BYU Ballroom Dance Company having everyone feeling like they’re back in 1991,” Lemperle said. “It was a team effort to make something magical, and we did it.”

Vocal Point’s baritone Nathan Proffit said it’s humbling to see people responding in such a positive way.
“We have been totally blown away. I think the timing was especially good, with the new movie hitting theaters this weekend,” Proffit said. “So many people grew up loving the ‘tale as old as time’ it seems, especially people our age. It seems to have really struck a chord with our generation.”
Proffit said this music video was a larger scale production and involved many crew members. Lemperle said the directors, Jeff Parkin and Jared Cardon, should be acknowledged for this production.
“A lot of credit needs to be given to the video’s directors, Jeff and Jared. They were able to organize this whole production, which took a huge team and a lot of hours,” Lemperle said. “Their vision helped bring about the finish product everyone is seeing.”
He said Vocal Point wanted to collaborate with Lexi Walker, a 14-year-old singing prodigy.
“She’s brilliant. During BYU Spectacular, we talked to her and her mother about doing a music video together after we’d developed a good friendship with them,” Lemperle said. “And we decided that this video would be the perfect collaboration opportunity. Lexi was more than thrilled to be a part of it.”
Lemperle said the BYU Ballroom Dance Company was amazing to work with.
“They are some of the most professional people, and they were strict and precise with their movement,” Lemperle said. “We’re grateful that they sacrificed time to be with us.”
Proffit said they want this video to connect to the audiences’ feelings of adventure and childlike wonder.
“There’s something exciting about the classic story of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ that appeals to people of all ages,” Proffit said. “Ultimately, it really is the message that love is the most powerful thing in the world, powerful enough to break any spell.”



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