UDOT reports more than 600 vehicle collisions around BYU campus since 2013


[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nA1lmIctdYk” el_width=”90″ align=”center”]More than 600 vehicle collisions have occurred on roads surrounding the BYU campus in the last three years.

Data from the Utah Department of Transportation’s Crash Mapping website reveals that over 400 of these collisions happened on University Avenue between 800 North and University Parkway.

The top four intersections with the most collisions around BYU are located along University Avenue at University Parkway, Bulldog Boulevard, 960 North and 800 North, with the fifth at 900 East and Heritage Drive.

Most vehicle collisions around the BYU campus since 2013 have occurred at intersections along University Avenue. (Chuck Dearden)

Students are not surprised to find out that the intersections they frequently cross are among the most dangerous intersections around BYU.

“People probably just cross whenever they want to because it takes forever for the light to change,” said BYU freshman Michael Sandiego.

BYU sophomore Joseph Fielding said he has witnessed quite a few accidents at 900 East and Heritage Drive as he walks to campus every day.

According to UDOT traffic statistics, an average of 70,000 cars travel on University Avenue between University Parkway and 800 North every day.

“It’s definitely busy, especially at the time when I get off of work, and also when I go to work it’s pretty busy,” said Erika Weir, a BYU sophomore who crosses University Avenue every day.

Students predict that many accidents would be prevented if both drivers and pedestrians were more patient in waiting for a light to safely cross at these intersections.

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Interactive Maps of the Top 5 Intersections for Vehicle Collisions since 2013

1.  University Parkway & University Avenue – 67 accidents

2.  Bulldog Boulevard & University Avenue – 54 accidents

3.  960 North & University Avenue – 46 accidents

4.  800 North & University Avenue – 42 accidents

5.  900 East & Heritage Drive – 23 accidents

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Safety Soundbites from University Police

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