2016 Session: License plate bills pass aplenty this legislative session


SALT LAKE CITY—Bills regarding license plates were passed around this legislative session, and many were successful. Each bill seemed to be unique in its own way, and all were for specific causes. Whether they were to raise awareness, raise money, or signify an important truth, the following all made it through legislation.

Lawmakers allowed "United We Stand" license plates to be offered to all vehicle owners.
Lawmakers allowed “United We Stand” license plates to be offered to all vehicle owners.

SB69, sponsored by Sen. David P. Hinkins, R-Orangeville, is recognizing Children with Heart Disease with special support group license plates. According to this bill, those applicants for a this new plate must make a $25 annual donation to the Children with Heart Disease Support Restricted Account.

This bill passed unanimously and is designed to bring awareness to the group and to help children who suffer from heart disease. It now awaits the governor’s signature.

SB64, sponsored by Sen. Luz Escamilla, D-Salt Lake City, honors and recognizes Real Salt Lake, Utah’s professional soccer team, with a license plate. On top of that, everyone that buys the license plate is required to make a $25 donation to an account that helps youth soccer throughout the state.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, it is likely the money will go to the Real Salt Lake Foundation, which sponsors youth soccer programs throughout the state. This bill also passed unanimously and awaits the governor’s signature.

HB97, sponsored by Rep. Rebecca P. Edwards, R-Salt Lake City, helps children with cancer through the creation of a special license plate. Each applicant is required to pay a $25 donation to the Children with Cancer Support Restricted Account.

The Department of Health then takes the funds and distributes them to groups who support programs that provide assistance to children with cancer. This bill passed unanimously as well and awaits the governor’s signature.

SB35, sponsored by Sen. Peter C. Knudson, R-Brigham City, creates special group license plates for veterans. With accordance to this bill, any combat veteran who is not disabled is able to display the license plate indicating the campaign or theater they served in.

This bill passed unanimously and also awaits the governor’s signature.

Finally, HB127, sponsored by Rep. Val L. Peterson, R-Orem, allows license plates with the phrase “In God we Trust” to be distributed as one of the standard issues license plates, instead of as a special group license plate as it has previously been. This bill passed unanimously and also awaits the governor’s signature.

Each license plate bill is unique and represents a step forward in the state of Utah this legislative session.

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