Police Beat Feb. 5-12



Traffic Violation

Feb. 5 — University Police made contact with a person being towed behind a car on a sled at 1 a.m. The police informed the group it was illegal. Thirty minutes later, police made contact with a different group towing a snowboarder behind a vehicle and also informed them it was illegal.


Feb. 5 — A 62-year-old male traveling to Las Vegas was asking for money outside the University Parkway Center. Police informed him that soliciting money was not allowed on campus. He left.

Feb. 8 — Just before midnight, a student said he twice heard the sound of a gunshot in between the Museum of Art and the Administration Building. Police searched the area and talked to other people, but no one else reported hearing anything. The police believe the noise could have been something thrown into a metal dumpster.

Feb. 9 — A person reported a suspicious man wearing sunglasses inside the Wilkinson Student Center. The person believed the man was hiding something underneath his shirt. The man, possibly homeless, was working on a computer. Police are familiar with the man. They stopped to talk with him and confirmed he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Firearm Violation

Feb. 9 — A student reported that he had seen a classmate carrying a firearm in his waistband. Police identified the person and called him. The student stated he didn’t have a firearm on campus, but the object on his waist was most likely his Leatherman flashlight. He assured police that he would never bring a firearm on campus.

Noise Disturbance

Feb. 10 — At Wyview Park, a person reported that an upstairs neighbor was working out, doing some sort of jumping, which was disturbing the resident below.

Auto-Pedestrian Accident

Feb. 11 — At 6:40 p.m., a student driving south on 150 East between the Indoor Practice Field and the Smith Field House hit a student dressed in dark clothing, crossing in the middle of the road and not on a crosswalk. The hit student had facial fractures and was transported to an emergency room.



Feb. 5 — A vehicle was stolen from the 1000 Block E 450 North St in the morning. It was reported near Roman Gardens, according to crimereports.com.


Orem Police created a map showing the path of the runaway truck. The truck was unmanned for its journey. (Orem Police Department Facebook)

Runaway Car

Feb. 8 — A man went to warm up his truck, but when his foot slipped off the clutch, the truck “took off” without him according to Orem Police Department Facebook page. It hit a rock, then a light pole, which sent it across the street. The truck jumped a curb, sidewalk and snow bank and ended up going over the lawn and a junior high school. It went across another sidewalk, missed a fence and stop sigh, jumped another two curbs and another sidewalk. The runaway truck finally stopped after hitting a car in a driveway.


Feb. 8 — A man put his car keys in the pocket of his coat and hung it up at the Vasa Gym in Orem.  After his workout he discovered his coat missing.

Found Property

Feb. 8 — A man, driving in north Orem, found his stolen car. The car was abandoned, so the police looked for finger prints and returned it to its owner.


Feb. 9 — A man, parked in the courthouse parking lot, was scheduled to appear in court for a huffing citation. He was seen huffing in his car by a city employee. The man was cited again.

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