Police Beat: May 6-12




May 8 — Officers were dispatched to the engineering building where a male had been sleeping in the mothers room for the previous two nights. The officers explained to him that he cannot remain in the building after it closed, and that he cannot disrupt normal campus activity. After he apologized the officers transported him to the Food and Care Coalition. The male was warned that if it happens again he will be cited for trespassing.


May 6 — Someone called Provo EMS because they were worried their mental health medication was giving them strange side effects. They requested Provo EMS transport them to Utah Valley Hospital.

May 6 — BYU Police, EMS and Provo Fire responded to a patient who was suffering from a seizure and a nose bleed. The patient was treated before being transported to Utah Valley Hospital for further treatment.

May 7 — A 55-year-old fell down the stairs at the Marriott Center. BYU EMS assessed the patient and found no more medical assistance to be necessary. The patient was released to go home with their child.

Hit and Run

May 7 — An online submission reported a hit and run during a high school track meet the previous week. The submission did not provide a date for when the vehicle damage occurred. The officer is still waiting for more information.

Property Damage

May 8 — There was a traffic accident at Lot 49 on BYU campus captured by a surveillance camera. A school bus struck another vehicle as it was turning left into the lot. The vehicle tried to turn right in attempts to avoid the bus, but was still hit. Both drivers made written statements and took photos of the damage.

May 9 — A traffic accident occurred at Lot 49 on BYU campus. A driver attempting to exit their parking stall by turning right turned too sharply. This resulted in them hitting the car that was parked next to them.

May 9 — As a motorist was pulling out of the Marriott Center parking lot they hit a stopped car. An officer has completed a minor traffic accident report on it.

Citizen Contact

May 7 — An officer was dispatched to the Y-trailhead for a possible medical situation. The individual was hiking with their guardians. Though the individual had pre-existing wounds, they did not need further medical attention. The guardians said the individual likes to hike the Y-trailhead and takes frequent breaks.

May 8 — A child locked themselves in a bathroom at Wyview. Officers were dispatched there and were able to unlock the bathroom without forcing entry. Call notes stated that the child may have accessed bathroom cleaning chemicals. The complainant checked the child to ensure no chemicals were consumed.

May 9 — A cleaning crew called in officers about possible drugs. They found a ziplock bag of white substance that looked like cleaning powder or laundry detergent. The officers tested the substance for possible drugs. All tests came back negative.

May 10 — An officer was dispatched to parking lot 20 on the report of a citizen dispute. The officer spoke with one of the individuals involved who said they had a verbal argument with another as they left the Marriott Center. The identity of the other person is unknown. It was determined that things had calmed down, and the individual left for the night.


May 10 — An investigation is underway for the theft of a bike helmet.

May 10 — Police were dispatched to the JKB for a reported theft. The victim could not find their computer, and believed it had been stolen while they were at the JKB. After reviewing camera footage, they still have found no suspects.

Lost/Found Property

May 7 — An officer was dispatched to Cougar Tech for lost property. After reviewing camera footage the officer was able to locate the misplaced item.

May 7 — A complainant called about their missing wallet they believed they had left in a specific room in the Kimball Tower on May 5. The officers checked to find it at the reported location, along with the lost and found. The wallet has not been found.

Welfare Check

May 6 — Officers were dispatched to Heritage Halls Building 3 upon the call of a parent who was concerned about their child. The officers made contact with the student, and ensured they are safe.

May 8 — Officers were dispatched for a report of a young child riding their bike into traffic near the MTC. The officer located the child on 900 E. The child refused contact with the officer and rode away. The officer followed the child until a parent showed up and took custody of them.

May 9 — Officers responded to Helaman Halls to check on the child of someone who was concerned after not talking to them since the previous night. The officers located the child’s vehicle, but did not locate the child. The parent called after getting in contact with their child and discovering that everything was fine.

Found Person

May 9 — Officers were dispatched to the laundry building on a report of two unattended children. Once the officer arrived, the children had already gone inside where their parent was working. Once verifying that they were with their parent, the officer left.


May 10 — An officer called a complainant in Wymount Terrace about a fraudulent transaction on their Amazon account. They said their debit card had been charged $574.59 and their bank was already working to list the transaction as fraudulent.

Criminal Mischief

May 10 — An officer responded to the Wilkinson Student Center on a delayed report of criminal mischief to a vehicle. The officer documented the incident and provided a case number to the complainant.

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