Police Beat Oct. 24-30




Oct. 28 — A student reported a unlocked bike, valued at $100, stolen from the Harold B. Lee Library south bike rack.

Oct. 27— On Oct. 22 a male student set his iPad and his set of scriptures on a paper towel dispenser while using the restroom in the Thomas L. Martin Building. He forgot the objects and when he returned they were gone.


Oct. 29 — A female student at Wymount posted two prom dresses for purchase on KSL.com classifieds. A man contacted her to purchase the dresses. He said he would pay the $100 for the dresses and $10 for shipping. The student agreed. The man sent a money order for $1,050 and asked the student to send back the $940. The student did not cash the check or send the dresses.

Oct. 26 — A male student posted an iPad for sale on KSL.com classifieds. According to University Police, a potential buyer contacted him and agreed to send $600 through PayPal. The student sent the iPad after receiving an email from PayPal indicating that the money had been sent. After waiting a few days, the student hadn’t received the money on his PayPal account. The student contacted PayPal, but PayPal did not have a record of the transaction.


Oct. 29 — A female student was walking to campus down Bulldog Boulevard, approximately three blocks west from campus, when a man approached her and asked her the location of the Marriott School. The student responded and the man accompanied her as she continued to walk. According to the University Police the student found the man cordial. As they passed the Wendy’s parking lot the man identified his car parked there and offered her a ride. She declined. The student told her professor about the encounter and the professor contacted the police. Police identified the man as someone who “has a long-standing history of approaching female students and engaging them in inappropriate conversations,” said Lt. Arnold Lemmon from the University Police.


Oct. 26 — Provo resident Nicole Maria Harris has been missing since Oct 24. According to Provo Police Department Facebook page, Harris is a 41-year-old white female with blonde hair. She may be struggling with mental difficulties, according to Provo Police.

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