3 fun football traditions


Homecoming at Brigham Young University is full of different traditions and activities for everyone. As the culminating activity of the week, the football game can be the best part of the homecoming week. Here are a few ways you can maximize the homecoming football experience.

1. Tailgate/Barbecue before the game.

Any avid football fan can attest to the fact that football and tailgates go hand in hand. The food, the friends and the fun can really fill the dead time before the game. With a grill, some burgers and a couple of cans of soda, people can sit around and discuss the game they can’t wait to watch. If burgers don’t sound like fun, check out the Food Network’s top 50 recipes for tailgating and try some of those out.

2. Watch highlights from previous games to pump you up.

Watching magical Hail Mary passes or interceptions returned for a touch down will get any fan of the Cougars excited to see how they will preform in the upcoming game. Videos like this one from BYU Football Video on YouTube are awesome to get the blood pumping and create that feeling of excitement all BYU football fans crave.

3. Cheer loud and proud for the white and blue.

Fans can have more impact on a football game than they might realize. Last week, UCONN had problems with false starts and delay of games largely due to the loud cheers of the fans in LaVell Edwards Stadium. Coach Bronco Mendenhall was quoted in this tweet talking about how great the ROC is at cheering during games.

In the end, it is up to you whether you want to take these three simple steps to improving your homecoming football experience. Don’t cut your BYU experience short by just showing up to the game and watching some good football. Take some extra time to get excited about what is happening and it will be a memory never to forget

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