Magic may be lost with prices raised again


My heart burst with joy when I first caught a glimpse of the red train. The steeples of the castle rose in the sky. I couldn’t begin to stop the grin that sprang on my face when I stepped on that first cobblestone leading to the shops. My stomach churned with delight at the first taste of butterbeer. I had found the my happy place; Harry Potter World.

Cassidee Steadman
Hogwarts at Universal Studios.

I have always been a lover of Disneyland and Disney World; the fame, rides, food, and the coming-to-life of some of my childhood favorite characters and world. I grew up on the love of Disneyland as I flew standby often to the wonderful world of Anaheim and I recently visited Disney World with my family.

What was a wonderful trip soon hit a down point at the entrance when the price was announced. $700 for my family to visit. That was just one trip but regular visitors will face a similar discouragement when they hear the prices for annual prices have risen again.

Once again, Disneyland and Disney World disappoints constant visitors by raising prices again. The Orange County Register tells the story of the price raise and the possibly reason due to over crowding at Disneyland and Orlando My Way shares the story of the Florida side of things.

With the annual Cassidee Steadmanpasses price raised again, there is also an increase of perks including parking and pictures but when is enough enough. When does the money you spend decrease the amount of magic that is felt?

Many BYU Students travel to Disneyland to vacation with roommates and family and while many don’t buy annual passes some do. This will probably decrease due to the increase in prices.

Landon Hobbs, Neuroscience Major, said that with prices raised it will stop families from visiting as often.

“It makes it so new families cannot afford to make memories in the happiest place on earth,” Hobbs said.

With the prices up, the magic of Disney seems to be dropping.

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