Apple announces iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, revamped Apple TV

The new versions of the iPad. Apple recently announced new updates, including the iPhone 6S, ipad Pro and a revamped Apple TV model. (Twitter)

Apple announced the new iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro and Apple TV in an event held in San Francisco Sept 9.

Many BYU students already own an iPhone or smartphone. Some phones are included in their family plans, so the students have little choice what device they get.

“For me, it was a real pain to get started using Apple products,” said Davis Agle, a BYU computer science student, “I enjoy my Samsung Galaxy S because it provides me fewer restrictions.”

Other students have years of experience with iPhones. “The iPhone I have right now is not my first,” said Neeko Funes, a film student. “The phone has a familiar interface that is universal with my Apple laptop.”

Photography is one of Apple’s main selling points. The iPhone 6s includes a 12 mega-pixel camera. “I really like to take and share photos,” said Chloe Casper, a pre-nursing student. “I have an iPhone 5c, which is a lot less bulky than other phones and cameras.”

The new phones usher in 3D Touch, which allows users to quickly access common features of apps with a single touch. Users can access additional settings or features by pressing “harder” on an app’s icon.

The new iPhone models, on display at the Apple event Sept. 9. This generation of college students may hardly recognize flip phones and pagers because smartphone technology has overtaken their world. (Twitter)

The media event also showcased the revamped Apple TV that is set to have access to its own app store. Developers will be able to add apps that can run independently from the device.

Netflix and Hulu will still be included as apps, as well as games that can be played using the new remote. Siri is now integrated into navigating and finding movies and other content.

The iPad Pro features a 12.9-inch screen that allows users more multi-tasking abilities. The device was presented to be a tool to allow professionals extra mobility. An optional keyboard and stylus can be purchased separately.

Apple will also release iOS 9 to general availability in the near future. This iteration of the mobile operating system includes a News app, redesigned Notes app and improved Siri integration. Apple also promises improvements with stability, longer battery life and security enhancements.

Pre-management student Christian Folau is considering switching from Android to iOS. “I’m invested in iTunes. I think I may buy after my mission,” Folau said.

iOS 9 can be installed on iPhone 4s and above as well as iPad2 and above. Preorders for the iPhones start on Sept. 19.

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