Education Week: Faith and hope are different but interdependent

Stephanie Rhodes
Although faith and hope are different concepts, one is necessary to have the other. (Stephanie Rhodes)

Faith and hope are interdependent. Without one, the other cannot exist.

David A. Christensen, a presenter for Education Week at BYU, taught of the relationship between faith and hope, saying they are interrelated and are constantly interactive.
However, because of this relationship, it is often difficult to distinguish between faith and hope.
Christensen discussed the difference between faith and hope with a reference to a quote by President James E. Faust. Hope is to trust in God’s promises of exaltation, and faith is the promise that if one acts now, the blessings that will come from hope will be fulfilled in the future.
Hope and faith are intertwined and each is necessary for exaltation. Hope corresponds to faith. They are a part of each other.
“Hope in and of itself will not save us,” Christensen said. “You must have faith with it and do something about it.”
Hope is the desire of faithful people to gain eternal life and the assurance of exaltation. It goes beyond the boundaries of faith and always radiates from Christ.
Christensen quoted President Thomas S. Monson to help define hope: “Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier.”
Faith is acting and doing something about the promise of eternal life. It is a principle of power.
Christensen quoted a lecture by Joseph Smith when talking about faith and said it is through faith that God does all things, and it is through faith that all things are accomplished.
Christensen also described faith as a mental exertion. It is must be active in order for it to work. However, hope is still required in order for faith to work.
“You can’t have one without the other,” Christensen said. “Because hope is the promise of eternal life.”
Another important principle regarding faith is that of doubt. Faith and doubt cannot exist together. If there is doubt, then there is no faith present.
Christensen described faith as “the actuating power that helps you to live so you can get hope and the promises which are yours.”
Christensen emphasized the difference between faith and hope. Hope is to trust in God’s promises. Faith is acting upon the promises in order to receive the desired blessings.
Just as faith without works is dead, faith without hope is ineffective.
“You cannot have adequate faith in Christ without hope,” Christensen said.
Hope and faith are both necessary in order to receive exaltation. Everyone needs hope regardless of their circumstances. Everyone needs faith in order to receive the promises that hope brings.
Hope and faith must work together, for one cannot remain without the other.
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