Vocal Point To Perform At Disney Diamond Celebration

BYU’s Vocal Point will be performing at Disneyland’s 60th anniversary celebration this July.

BYU’s Vocal Point recently announced that they are returning to Disneyland to perform in the theme park’s 60th Anniversary celebration this July.

Vocal Point will perform on July 8th and 13th on the Hollywood Backlot stage in Disney’s California Adventure after thrilling Disney executives when they performed at the theme park in March. Adam Heimbigner, vocal point member and BYU information technology major, described the group’s first experience at Disneyland.

“The Disneyland executives had a meeting that day and heard we were going to be there and wanted us to come and sing at their meeting,” Heimbigner said. “We were in the middle of their management meeting and sang three songs. They gave us three standing ovations. The whole experience was incredible. It is because of that they are inviting us back.”

This time at Disneyland will be a little different. Vocal Point will not just perform and meet with executives but will also conduct workshops to teach Disney cast members about a cappella singing.

“They wanted specifically to know about how you arrange a song into a cappella and make the voices fit together,” said Scott Shattuck, BYU commercial music major and vocal point member. The group also plans to teach how to make a high soprano sound. Beat boxing will also be included, of course.

In addition, Vocal Point will meet with top executives at Disneyland. “We will be meeting with marketing producers and the guy who wrote the Fantasia music as well as the head of music at Disneyland who was a founding member of Impact,” Heimbigner said.

Kyle Lemperle, a Vocal Point member and BYU communications major studying broadcasting, said that the people organizing the tour are helping the members to meet with staff from their majors.

“They will be some of the best at Disney and we get to watch them do what they do at the Disney level,” Lemperle said.

Heimbigner expressed his excitement to meet with top technology majors. “I get to meet with technology managers and tour the World of Color control booth and see how that works. They have really tailored it to us individually,” he said.

The group is excited to head to Anaheim, California and Lemperle expressed his excitement for the opportunity to perform.

“I’m always super pumped to perform. I love performing for new people and I love the people who will experience Vocal Point for the first time and get a kick out of it,” Lemperle said. “The second greatest thing is to meet new people, see what they do, and make all these new connections. And to say hi to Mickey of course.”

Heimbigner also expressed his excitement in the possible missionary opportunities that will come their way because of the opportunity.

“It’s a good group that does good things and it is also a missionary tool. I’m excited to perform again to people who might not have heard of Vocal Point or BYU or the Church and get to promote them in a way that will leave people thinking, ‘Oh, I want to learn more,'” said Heimbigner.

Last, Stattuck said he is excited for the things yet to come for Vocal Point because of these performances.

“I’m really excited for the opportunities that will come because of this trip and the doors that will open up for Vocal Point. I think Disney will appreciate what we are doing because Disney is doing the same thing: providing good entertainment that is family friendly,” said Stattuck.

Vocal Point expressed thanks for its fans, saying without them the group could not have this great opportunity.

“We get to do opportunities like this because of our fans. Because of the positive reaction of the fans and the buzz that has been created because of our social media and YouTube posts Disneyland accepted us,” Heimbigner said. “We went from another college group to something that would benefit them because of our fans.”

Vocal Point will perform July 8 at 12:45 p.m. and 1:45 p.m., as well as July 13 at 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. inside California Adventure.


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