The bus less traveled


Buses go almost everywhere in Provo and other cities as well. I can take one bus from my apartment to BYU, the Provo Temple, my bank and my parents’ house. They are very convenient and easy to ride. There’s a website where we can look if we need help getting from one place to another ( UTA has efficient buses that use natural gas so they don’t harm the environment. One of the biggest draws of UTA is that it is environmentally friendly, which I think is really important for Utah. We also could take the FrontRunner, which travels from Provo to Ogden, with stops at almost every city in between.

Fare is fairly cheap, but I think BYU should do a better job at giving us a deal on UTA passes. Others schools get extremely discounted UTA passes, and we don’t. I think that’s not quite fair. If more students were to ride the bus, there would be fewer crazy BYU students driving around, with less congestion and traffic. Buses are rarely half full, so take the bus! I would trust a bus driver over my roomate’s driving. Let’s hope BYU can make a change to these prices on the passes. Maybe we could even get more buildings to replace the parking lots if fewer and fewer students drive to school.

Beth Treadway

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