Open letter to the president


My thoughts about what occurred Friday night on the grounds of the White House are immensely troubled. The president of the United States is, simultaneously, a citizen of the nation and the current choice of the United States to represent the entire nation.

My concern is that Mr. Obama chose to express his support for the LGBT community by highlighting the White House in a rainbow pattern. I concede the point that the White House is his current residence. However, the White House is, more importantly, one of several national symbols. By lighting up the White House in the colors that have come to represent the LGBT community our president has perhaps unintentionally expressed that the nation has openly accepted the rights of homosexual couples to be married. Mr. President, the nation is probably more divided on the issue of gay marriage than on any other issue of our day. I wish you had expressed your personal support of the Supreme Court decision and of the LGBT community in a way that reflected YOUR beliefs. I would like to see in some future statement to the press that your display on Friday night was a personal expression and not representative of the nation as a whole.

David Rivers
West Jordan

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