Proposal for a new system of government


Our system of government is based on three branches of power in checks in balances. Though it has served us well, the Founding Fathers left three important questions unanswered.

How will education prevail in the world? How will great leaders be found? How will family values be promoted?

True liberty comes with education. Liberties are lost when political leaders are corrupt, immoral or ineffective. The strength of a nation is based within the walls of the home. With ignorance, corrupt leaders and diminishing family values, we cannot expect the world to improve.

I propose a new system of government. There will be five branches. Two of them will be legislative and judicial. A third branch will be educational, headed by nine presidents charged with improving every individual’s education. Under its direction, a university will be established for the moral, philosophical, educational and political training of its students in which all political leaders must be alumni in order to be put into public office. The fourth and fifth branches will be compared to a father and mother. The father branch will be executive, being commander in chief of law enforcement as well as being in charge of communal storehouses. The mother branch will be the nurture branch being in charge of all medical services, foster care, and social services.
Under such a system of government, checks and balances will still be its glue. The action needed for my proposal is a new amendment to the constitution.

Jordan Kersey
West Sacramento, California

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