Harvestable landscape management


While at work at the new Auxiliary Services Building, I watched the grounds crew plant new trees around the perimeter of the building. Being close to lunch time it occurred to me, “Wouldn’t it just be peachy if it were August and there were peaches on those trees? Or if it were early October and there were some apples to complement the microwave burrito I was to have for lunch that day?”

I propose that with all this tree planting we plant some fruit trees. I have an ancestor who helped settle this valley and was known for his skill in transplanting trees; mainly fruit trees. One night I was thinking of what he might say to me if I were to meet him. He’d probably say something like, “Go down and tell the church school that planting all of those ornamental fruit trees is a mean trick to play on people.”

Our people worked hard to harness the water coming off these mountains to raise some food so they didn’t starve. I feel it would be fun to reserve a few places on campus to plant some fruit trees to remind us of our heritage, as well as give a few hungry students something to eat. Plus, wouldn’t it be dreamy for a physics student to ponder the principles of gravity while studying under an apple tree?

Brian Fleming
El Paso, Texas

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