New SuperPop genre goes viral

Shaun Canon singing his SuperPop hits (Shaun Canon).
Shaun Canon singing his SuperPop hits. (Shaun Canon)

Shaun Canon, local superhero enthusiast and songwriter, made waves last month with his music video of super heroes playing soccer to a new style of pop which he calls “SuperPop.”

Canon made videos featuring superheroes from Star Wars, The Avengers, Lord of the Rings, Mario, X-Men and the D.C. Universe playing soccer to his music. His videos feature a collaboration with well known producer of Nitro Circus Kristopher Schooler and Aaron Sorenson, an FX manager who has created videos with the world-famous videographer, DevinSupertramp.

SuperPop features songs written from the perspective of superheroes. Canon was inspired by Police frontman and solo artist Sting, who often wrote songs from the perspective of someone else.

“I’ve always been a fan of comic books. … I’m also a big fan of soccer and a few other sports, so I thought it would be a great idea to bring together two of my passions in a video series,” Canon said.

Canon started playing music at a young age. He had learned how to play violin, piano and clarinet by age 10. His experience in music continued through high school. He recorded his first album at 16 and sold copies to his peers.

Canon wrote his first SuperPop song “My Turn,” as part of an ongoing series of future superhero songs. His music videos fuse elements of rock, pop and movie FX with high-action athletics to embody Canon’s SuperPop.

Canon currently has three videos including Superhero Soccer, Super NBA and Superhero Wolverine vs. Captain America; he continues to focus on producing music and videos that he hopes will continue to become viral.

“After all, anything is possible when you are dealing with superheroes,” he said. 

For more of Canon’s music and for updates on his latest videos, please visit his Facebook page as well as his YouTube channel.

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