Catfish criticisms


I have a few opinions about the recent articles published on the topic of “catfishing.” While I understand completely that this topic is “hot” among readers and gives us an interesting subject, I think it is completely unprofessional the way that Hilary Hayes and The Universe have approached this specific situation.

I find it extremely distasteful how the woman accused of being the catfish is being portrayed and the information about her is being publicized. In the last paragraph of the article, the woman expresses hurt and disapproval of the situation. I agree that it was completely out of line for Hayes to contact her mission president. From the article, I understand that there are indeed situations in which a catfish should be exposed and even charged, but I think it is circumstantial. This woman’s intentions were not to hurt or ruin the people she contacted. I do not know the whole situation, and of course there might be information that I am not aware of, but I have much more sympathy for this woman than I do for her “victims.”

I agree that lying about our true identities is wrong, but that does not give us permission to lose all empathy and compassion for others who have bigger problems than a fake relationship with an online catfish. The subject matter is fine, but overall, I would personally like to read less about the accusations of this specific woman and more of the concept of “catfishing” and its dangers in a general sense.

Nathan Billin
Spring Creek, Nevada

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