Distracted pedestrians


I barely saw you jogging last night with your headphones in, wearing dark clothes. I almost hit you this morning as you hurried across the street to class, with your head down, checking your phone. I am aware of you and watching out for your safety, but are you?

For the last five years I have been driving around campus in constant fear of hitting a distracted pedestrian. I do my best to slow down at intersections and watch for you on the side of the road, but I often feel that you are doing very little to protect yourself. You are not looking for cars as you step into the intersection, nor are you aware of how hard it was to see you in your dark hoodie as you hurried to class early this morning. Although you do, in fact, have the right-of-way, that cannot protect you from the dangers of the road.

Just as I take the time to buckle up every time I get in my car, you need to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself as you walk around Provo. Put your phone down. Take your headphones out. Wear light-colored clothing at night. Never assume that I can see you. I will be looking out for you. Please look out for yourself.

Jeff DeGraffenried

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