MY Choose 2 Give


The Marriott School of Management recently announced a program called MYC2G. The name was derived from the existing initiative, the Choose 2 Give, which allows students to give donations that become scholarships for prospective students. MYC2G stands for Marriott School, Y for BYU, Choose 2 Give. 

MYC2G is an initiative run by Marriott School of Management students in an attempt to get students to donate to the Marriott School prior to graduation.The mission goals for the program include increasing the school’s ranking, supplying scholarships and developing new organizations and clubs.

“If more funds were available, the resources provided by the Marriott School could improve, and the Marriott School could grow tremendously,” said Isaac Freckleton, president of the MYC2G initiative.

The idea behind My Choose 2 Give is for students to give small donations of $1–$2 a month. Freckleton said they are choosing this because they believe the best way to get alumni to give back to the school is for them to donate before they graduate.

Students are able to specify where they want their donations to be used. Donations can be used for scholarships, specific programs or dean’s initiatives.

Freckleton said one of the most exciting aspects of MYC2G is that the Marriott School’s rankings will improve upon initiating this program.

“There are many criteria which are considered when ranking providers rate schools,” Freckleton said. “Multiple national ranking providers take into account the percentage of alumni who give back to their school. Currently, only five to 11 percent of students give back upon graduation. If more students gave back, our overall national ranking would improve and the Marriott School could grow tremendously.”

 Students will be able to give soft donations or hard donations. “Hard donations come from things like tithing, and they cover the cost to keep things running like electricity, water, full-time faculty,” said Nery Ralon, marketing director and intern manager.
“Soft donations cover everything else, such as scholarships, research, marketing, clubs, building network opportunities, competitions and many other aspects. The more funding the Marriott School has for these aspects, the more they can expand or focus on being innovative with the funding.”
Graphic designer Davis Green is excited for the ripple effects that will happen through this program. “We could boost the image of the school and of the LDS Church through this program,” he said. “It is just awesome for me to think about.”
Students can get involved by sharing posts on their Facebook walls, helping with class presentations and attending events with friends. On March 10 at 6:30 p.m., Improv Broadway will perform a free improv event. Prizes will be given away. Richard Marriott will speak at the closing event Thursday, March 12, at 10:45 a.m.

“If we prove that our current group of business students are ‘givers,’ this will become the first year of a continuing program to get students involved with giving back,” Freckleton said.

MYC2G encourages any student who wants to get involved to volunteers for help at booths and events. More information about events and pledges can be found on the initiative’s website.

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