Weekly Hashtags: #BYUTestingFail


That terrifying time known as “midterms” is almost upon us. It’s a time of tests in every class, Testing Center lines stretching back to the JSB, late night study sessions, and a general state of desperation and stress.

To ease the burden somewhat, this week we invite you to share your funny or sad BYU test stories on Twitter and Instagram using #BYUTestingFail. Maybe it was the night you drank a six-pack of Coke to stay alert as you studied for your O-Chem final. Maybe it was the time you got sick during your Spanish test in the Humanities testing center, and had to continue your test with a trashcan by your computer. Maybe it was when your significant other broke up with you via bulletin board note after you finished your last midterm. Whatever your story, know that you are not alone when it comes to test stress. Sharing your experiences could help other students get through these lovely next few weeks.

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