Police Beat: Feb. 3–Feb. 10




Feb. 3 — A 13-year-old boy and a 15-year-old boy were caught shoplifting at Shopko.

Feb. 3 — A woman was stopped while attempting to shoplift from WinCo. During her arrest, police found that she had meth. She went to jail.

Feb. 5 — An Orem man reported that his son altered a check and fraudulently cashed it. Officer Newell found the son and arrested him.

Criminal Mischief

Feb. 3 — An officer stopped a car for speeding. The driver had been drinking and was arrested for DUI.

Feb. 3 — An officer stopped a car and found out that one of the passengers had a warrant. He was arrested and found to be in possession of heroin. He was taken to the county jail.

Feb. 4 — An officer stopped a car for having a burnt-out license plate light. Once he approached the driver he smelled weed. After a quick search of the car the officer found the man’s marijuana shake and an open bottle of alcohol. The driver was cited.

Feb. 4 — A female driver cut off a male driver, who, in return, cut the female driver off again. This behavior continued from 1300 S. State to Center Street. At Center and State the man got out of his car, and the woman bumped into his car. He walked up to her window, and the women sprayed his face with pepper spray. He tried to block the spray from hitting his face, and he slapped the woman. No one was hurt, and both were cited for disorderly conduct.

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