21 best Super Bowl commercials of the 21st century


Super Bowl XLIX is upon us. That means a new round of Super Bowl commercials is about to hit the screen. Advertisers featured during this year's game paid $4.5 million dollars for each 30-second spot. We feel the need to alert them that posting Super Bowl memes to social media is free, but if the videos are anything like these commercials from the past, it will be money well spent.

“Herding Cats” by EDS – 2000

“Running of the Squirrels” by EDS – 2001

“Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds” by Charles Schwab – 2002

“Terry Tate Office Linebacker” by Reebok – 2003

“Castaway” by FedEx – 2003

“Jimi Hendrix Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola” by Pepsi – 2004

“That Killed Him” by Ameriquest Mortgage Co. – 2005

“Oooo Baby Baby” by Nextel – 2006

“Rock, Paper, Scissors” by Bud Light – 2007

“Peanuts Perfume” by Planters Peanuts – 2008

“Golf Baby” by ETrade – 2009

“Hands Off My Doritos” by Doritos – 2010

“The Force” by Volkswagen – 2011

“Matthew’s Day Off” by Honda – 2012

“Happy Grad” by Chevrolet – 2012

“We Are Young” by Taco Bell – 2013

“British Villains” by Jaguar – 2014

“Puppy Love” by Budweiser – 2014

“Make Love, Not War” by Axe Peace – 2014

“There Since The First Halftime” by Pepsi – 2014

“America is Beautiful” by Coca-Cola – 2014

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