Happy Chocolate Cake Day: 10 best chocolate cakes

We like to celebrate obscure holidays at The Universe, especially if they involve delicious and unhealthy treats. Google officially decreed that today is Chocolate Cake Day, and we plan to celebrate with gusto. Here are our favorite chocolate cakes from restaurants and stores around the country, along with some recipes from our Pinterest board.

1. Costco’s Chocolate Cake

This monster of a dessert makes you simultaneously weep with joy and tremble with fear when you look at it. Once you take a bite, all hesitations disappear as you get lost in layer upon layer of chocolate goodness. It’s so rich that it’s hard to eat a large portion in one sitting, but that just makes it last longer.

We couldn’t find an exact recipe, but this one seems pretty close.


2. Cocoa Bean’s Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcake

This isn’t technically a “cake,” but when it comes to chocolate, why quibble? Cocoa Bean has dozens of different cupcake flavors, but this is one of the best. It’s a moist cupcake base topped with a layer of Nutella and raspberry filling, then finished with a generous helping of cheesecake frosting and a fresh raspberry. The hint of raspberry almost tricks you into believing you’re eating something healthy.


3. Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Breaking into this cake is like opening a beautiful chocolate present. The sweet outer layer collapses to reveal a flood of molten chocolate. If Vesuvius had been a chocolate volcano, then Pompeii would have been the luckiest city of all time.


4. Vegan Chocolate Cake

Don’t let the word “vegan” turn you off. This confection is one of the most delicious chocolate cakes we have ever tasted, not to mention the easiest to make. The fact that it’s vegan just means we can eat two pieces in the name of health.


5. Chocolate Cake Batter Muddy Buddies


For a variation on traditional cake, try these chocolate cake batter muddy buddies. It’s that addictive sweet-and-salty crunch of muddy buddies mixed with the heavenly creation that is chocolate cake. Win-win situation.


6. German Chocolate Cake Balls

These are the fancy, put-you-over-the-moon-on-a-sugar-high version of a basic chocolate cake ball. We love cake balls because they are so simple to make. You bake the cake from a box, crumble it up, add a can of frosting, roll it into balls, chill, and then dip them in chocolate.


7. Wasted Chocolate Cake


For the love of all that is Hershey, God bless America and God bless this cake. Amen.


8. Texas Sheet Cake

If you were raised in the South, then you’ve probably had this cake more times than you can count. You also probably can’t wait to have it again.


9. Hellman’s Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

If we didn’t tell you there was mayonnaise in this cake, you’d never know. You would, however, realize that this particular chocolate cake was extra-moist. One bite, and you’ll never say no to the mayo again.


10. Two-Ingredient Chocolate Pancakes

Remember that wonderful monologue about chocolate cake for breakfast? This recipe makes it a reality with just two ingredients.


It was torture to stop at 10 selections, especially when there’s recipes for making chocolate cake in a skillet, in a mug, and in a slow-cooker. Lucky for you, they’re on our Pinterest board. Happy Chocolate Cake Day! May your mouths and tummies be full of chocolatey joy and your hips never tell.


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