Students answer why they chose to be BYU Cougars


BYU is at the top of the charts in a recent U.S. News ranking. Released on Jan. 21, 2015, the U.S. News website places BYU as No. 2 in the nation for the most accepted students who end up enrolling.

Seventy-eight percent of admitted applicants end up coming to BYU, and the only school beating that number is Harvard, with 81 percent. U.S. News suggests these numbers are a reflection of academics, affordability and prestige. BYU students agree, but some came to college with their own motivations.

We asked BYU students why they chose this Provo college to attend, and this is what they said:

“I lived in China, and you can’t proselyte religion there. I wanted to come to BYU so I could have the spiritual experience. — Guia Garcia

Girls.” — Miles Waltman (left)

“Great finance program.” — Kevin Boyer

 “I love Utah. There is so much to do here,and campus is so gorgeous.” — Morgan Allred

“I just had a feeling I should come here.” — Travis Fairbourn

“Not only do you get a great education, but all my family goes here.” — Ashley Nelson

And for some, BYU was simply the only option….

“Well, it was the only school I applied to.” — Royce Plowman

“I fell asleep when I was supposed to register for UCLA.” — Freeman Butler



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