Police Beat: Dec. 2

Provo Police
Provo Police



Nov. 24–Nov. 25 — One unsecured and two secured bicycles were reported taken from the bike racks near the Martin Building, the Clark Library and the Foreign Language Student Residence. The bicycles were entered into the national database.

Nov. 25 — An individual reported a jacket taken from the Smith Fieldhouse.

Criminal mischief

Nov. 23 — An officer found graffiti on a retaining wall in the LaVell Edwards Stadium.



Dec. 1 — An Orem man called the police after he came home and discovered his adult daughter had brought drugs into his home. She was taken to the Utah County Jail.

Dec. 1 — Officer Haymond stopped a man and found out he had been smoking weed. The man was ticketed and his weed confiscated.

Dec. 1 — Officer Haymond found a suspicious vehicle in southeast Orem. The two occupants had been smoking weed. They, too, were ticketed.


Nov. 28–Dec. 1 — More than 12 reports of graffiti were taken over the holiday weekend in the northwest side of town, around 400 North–700 North and 1000 West–1200 West. The suspect has been tagging homes, cars, fences and sheds.


Nov. 26  — Police tracked down a stolen phone that was taken in Provo and found at a home in northeast Orem.

Nov. 26 — A woman was arrested for shoplifting at Kohl’s. She had both warrants for her arrest and heroin, so she went to the Utah County Jail.

Dec. 1 — An Orem man stole a check from his roommate and cashed it. Detectives will be arresting him shortly.

Dec. 1 — A woman decided to take her kids Christmas shopping at Kohl’s on a budget this year. She tried to steal $500 worth of merchandise and was cited and released.


Nov. 26 — A man called about being involved in a hit and run. He followed the suspect as he left the area. Police stopped the suspect and arrested him for DUI.

Dec. 1 — A man was seen walking in the middle of the street in south Orem. When a driver slowed down to tell him to get out of the road, the man hit the driver’s windshield with his skateboard. The intoxicated man was arrested.

Criminal mischief 

Nov. 26 — Police responded to a report of a man trying to break into the coin machine at a local laundromat. He was arrested and charged with criminal mischief, possession of burglary tools, possession of stolen property and resisting. He was taken to the Utah County Jail.

Dec. 1 — A 13-year-old boy was arrested after he stole some beer from Harmon’s, drank it and then broke more than 30 windows and doors at Canyon View Junior High, resulting in more than $10,000 of damage.


Dec. 1 — A large, commercial-sized dumpster caught on fire after some men threw hot ashes in it. The fire department put it out before it spread.


Nov. 25 — Police responded to a report of a runaway that is in the custody of the State. She has been known to run away before and is still missing. Her name is Stevie Shane, 13, and she is 5 feet tall and weighs 108 pounds. She has blue eyes and black hair and may be in the Salt Lake area. Police are asking to be contacted if she is seen.

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