The Picasso of the HBLL: Whiteboard art motivates library visitors


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Coaches cheer on their athletes all the way to the finish line, and a team captain gives a pep talk before a big game. The Social Science Help Desk on the first floor of the Harold B. Lee library has found its own way to motivate students’ success.

Senior Sydnee Burr, a medical laboratory science major from Wenatchee, Washington, uses whiteboard markers to draw everything from Scooby Doo to Space Jam characters. Her drawings are displayed at the entrance of the Social Science wing.

Burr draws these detailed designs to help students with their research papers.

She is constantly on the hunt for new and interesting things to draw because the art is changed weekly.

“It’s always a little daunting every Thursday as I’m walking to work and thinking, ‘Oh no, I have to come up with something brilliant right now …’ Every now and then I think I’m running out of ideas, but Google Images is pretty good at filling me up again,” Burr said.

She also admitted that she can’t take all the credit for the images she has drawn. “My husband is also a huge help in coming up with ideas. All the best ones were probably originally his idea,” Burr said.

The artwork is generally updated on Thursdays, with new pictures uploaded to the Social Science Help Desk’s official Facebook page later on in the week.

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