Hogwarts classes by different names at BYU


Harry Potter fans at BYU are still hopefully waiting for their Hogwarts acceptance letters to arrive. In the meantime, in the muggle realm, students are taking classes similar to those offered at schools of witchcraft and wizardry. The similarities are undeniable in this list of magical courses at BYU:

PWS 101 – Cultural history of medicinal plants. There is a clear connection between this class and Professor Sprout’s herbology courses at Hogwarts. Rumor even has it that BYU will be importing mandrakes (“or mandragora”) in the winter.

mandrake gif photo: Mandrakes AWWMANDRAKES.gif

REL A, C and E courses. Classes about resisting temptation? Sounds like Defense Against the Dark Arts. BYU’s religious education teaching positions, however, aren’t quite the revolving door the Hogwarts job is.

PWS 270 – Animal husbandry. Hagrid’s favorite BYU course draws comparisons to his own care of magical creatures class. The course catalog describes PWS 270 as an introduction to animal husbandry and management techniques for domestic and wild animals. Surely those animals could include hippogriffs, unicorns and blast-ended skrewts.

SOC 111 – Introductory sociology. This class teaches students about social interaction, government, religion and family among non-wizard humans. It’s eerily similar to muggle studies at Hogwarts. You might find Arthur Weasley in this class.

Enter to learn.

Go forth to serve.

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