Cougar Tech Expo seeks to enhance the college learning experience


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This year’s BYU Cougar Tech Expo provided an opportunity for students and vendors to interact on Sept. 26.

The BYU Store and the chief information officer sponsored the Cougar Tech Expo. The expo introduced students to the various technology products and services BYU offers on campus to enhance their learning experience.

BYU departments and external vendors participated in the expo. Many of the participants come to the expo in hopes of receiving feedback on how to improve their own products and services. Some of the vendors present at the event were Apple, Skullcandy, Sprint and GoPro.

The expo presents an impressive array of the latest high-tech gear available to BYU students. The products and services were designed to give students an edge in their classes, work and everyday life at BYU. Various BYU rental services loaned electronics like laptops, cameras and cassette players.

Cougar Tech promoted their computer and phone repair services at the BYU Store. Skullcandy displayed headphones that can transform the students’ audio experience to help keep track of academic or athletic progress.

This expo is just one of many opportunities BYU offers for students to discover various career paths and establish networks.

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