Tom Holmoe on the state of BYU athletics

Athletic Director Tom Holmoe speaks to BYU sports fans during Education Week. August 20, 2014.
Athletic Director Tom Holmoe speaks to BYU sports fans during Education Week. August 20, 2014.

Athletics can bring out the best in all of us. They can also bring out the very worst.

BYU’s athletic director Tom Holmoe set the record straight at a session during Education Week, pointing out the best and worst things coming to BYU athletics.

Starting with football, the topic quickly shifted to whether or not BYU will be able to get a spot in a power conference. Not only that, but if a power conference would accommodate BYU, a team that does things a little bit differently than most.

“We are not currently in a conference; we are independent,” Holmoe said. “BYU is different from most universities, and the best way for us to do things is to do them our way. We are going to do what’s best, for BYU.”

What’s best for BYU football at this point is to win. With an ESPN contract to fall back on, the team has everything they need except for a few W’s to let the college football world know the Cougars are the real deal.

“We have a fantastic relationship with ESPN. We couldn’t schedule without them; it’s a give and take relationship,” Holmoe said, making sure the audience got the impression that ESPN and their ability to get BYU on TV’s across the country isn’t going anywhere.

Other sports made their way into the mix, starting with the basketball program.

Holmoe was excited to report that talk is starting to materialize of BYU basketball getting a separate facility for practices.

“We have permission to raise money for a facility and get it going,” Holmoe said.

He also spoke of key players for the 2014-2015 season, including stars Jennifer Hamson and Kyle Collinsworth.

“Hamson is a really special player at BYU. You may never see another player like her come to BYU,” Holmoe said.

Hamson played for the women’s basketball team for four years, during three of those she also played on the BYU women’s volleyball team. This year she is focusing on playing volleyball and will then decide from there whether or not to play in the WNBA or on the national volleyball team.

Collinsworth is returning for his junior year and is coming off a knee injury he suffered in the WCC Championship game.

After an explosive 2013-2014 season, Collinsworth according to Holmoe is looking to be a game changer, especially when coupled with the powerhouse that is Tyler Haws.

Although his time was running short, Holmoe managed to slip in a few words about the state of BYU’s and the University of Utah’s relationship.

“I’m not too concerned about the future because we have a good relationship with the U,” he said. “They made a move to kind of go away from other Utah teams, and that’s their choice.”

As far as Holmoe is concerned, BYU athletics is starting out the fall season just the way they want to.


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