The 5 stereotypes of BYU: Who are you?


BYU may surprise some with its variety of on-campus stereotypes. Here are a just a few stereotypes that people watching students form. Some seem to never disappear from BYU.

1. The RM:

He’ll “accidentally” speak Spanish in a normal conversation. She’ll talk for hours about her companions. The fresher they are, the easier it is to tell. They’re organized, outgoing and ready to take on the world of BYU.

2. The lovebirds:

Check out “byupda” on Instagram to get a view of the couples on campus. Riley Bray, a sophomore from Temecula, California, studying public relations, said holding hands in public is cute, but full-body contact is not.

“Get off the grass! Seriously, the BYU Grounds Crew works really hard to make sure our campus looks beautiful. I don’t want to see you spooning on the lawn on my way to class,” Bray said.

3. The freshman:

Holding maps and lugging oversized backpacks, freshmen often dress the best to start off the school year right. And whether it’s Wyview, Helaman or Heritage, the meal plan can’t be beat.

4. The bookworm:

These smarties are often around to hear the Harold B. Lee Library blast music at midnight. Jackie Norton, a 19-year-old from Albuquerque, New Mexico, studying nursing, said the bookworms “loves learning and are doing all they can” to expand their knowledge base.

“The classic bookworm is someone who constantly hits the books. Sometimes it seems like that’s all they do,” Norton said.

5. The all star:

He’s at Gold’s gym or soaking it up in the hot tub with his soul mate at The Village. The stereotype for the Provo All Star never ends; he does summer sales and takes post-workout selfies. There’s also the female version: the Provo Prospect. She enjoys tanning and always chooses the best Instagram filters.

6. Bonus:

The guy who brings his baby to every game. Enough said.

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