Police arrest BYU sexual assault suspect



Narcisse NM
Twenty-two-year-old Cyr Delinos Narcisse was arrested Friday morning, accused of sexually assaulting a BYU student in her apartment.

Police arrested a man Friday, accused of illegally entering a BYU student apartment and sexually assaulting a female student.

Police said they do not believe the man arrested is associated with the 14 recent incidents of groping on campus.

On March 18, police believe, the man illegally entered a Wyview apartment, grabbed a female student and began to sexually fondle her. According to police, the woman screamed after the man attacked her, awakening her roommate, who came out of her bedroom to see what the commotion was. The man then fled.

University and Provo City police officers arrested 22-year-old Cyr Delinos Narcisse Friday at 1:30 a.m. University Police Lt. Arnold Lemmon confirmed that Narcisse is not a BYU student.

Lemmon said they had a suspected vehicle from video footage of the area of the crime, and police located the vehicle at Stadium Terrace Apartments, a complex on north Canyon Road near Wyview. They spent half an hour sitting and observing the car when the suspect came out. The suspect walked up to the car and walked away.

Police pulled up and engaged in conversation with the suspect. Lemmon said the man was wearing the same jacket the victim had described.

“They arrested him, brought him in, interviewed him, and he confessed,” Lemmon said.

The man was arrested for charges of burglary, a second-degree felony and sexual battery.

“He did not know her, but it was for sexual gratification,” Lemmon said.

The Universe will continue to update the story.

Editors Note: Initial reports listed the man as white, but officials have since said race was never mentioned.

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