Program would allow youth to hunt


By Jenna Neeley

Utah Division of Wildlife  Resources is pushing for approval of SB165, Trial Hunting Authorization, in this year’s legislative session. This bill would allow the state to grant temporary hunting permits for age- appropriate adolescents to hunt with a trained adult, who has completed the state’s safety program, without having to complete the entire hunting safety program themselves.

“The goal of this program is to get these kids off the couch and into the world to hunt,” said Sen. Ralph Okerlund R-Monroe, who is the bill’s sponsor.

A Legislator high-fives a student in attendance at a meeting

Trial Hunting Permits would be issues to those as young as 12 years old. Final decisions on the duration of the permits have yet to be set, but will be decided upon by the Wildlife board. Similar programs have been employed in many other states across the country, and have been successful.

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