New Google Fiber retail store to open in Provo on Friday

The Google Fiber retail store will open Friday in The Shops at Riverwoods. (Photo courtesy of Samuel Broomead)

Google Fiber will open a new retail store in The Shops at Riverwoods Friday, Jan. 24, as sign-ups begin for general residential gigabit Internet service.

The retail store will open at 10 a.m. on Friday. Salespeople and consultants will be present to interact in person with Provo residents who are interested in learning about Google Fiber.

Jenna Wandres, Google Fiber spokesperson, will also be present when the retail store opens.

“People can come to the retail store and actually see demonstrations, talk to technicians and sign up for service,” Wandres said.

Wandres also mentioned that maps of serviceable areas will be available at the retail store and online.

Serviceable areas include any homes along the iProvo fiber optic network. This network was formerly serviced by an Internet service provider called Veracity. Since purchasing the network last October, Google Fiber has installed gigabit Internet service for former Veracity customers.

Beginning Wednesday, any resident in an eligible area may subscribe to Google Fiber gigabit Internet service online. Provo residents can check their address for serviceability.

Anticipation throughout Provo is palpable as the availability of gigabit Internet draws closer.

“I’m super excited to see how fast Google Fiber Internet will be. I use the Internet mostly to watch TV, and my current service just isn’t fast enough. I hate loading time,” said Erin Kendrick, a Provo city resident.

A flood of online sign-ups is expected this week. Wandres said Google Fiber has seen a lot of interest from Provo residents through Google Fiber’s website, which residents can use to check their address for eligibility and receive notifications from Google Fiber.

Though many sign-ups are expected, it may be up to a year before everybody gets gigabit Internet service.

“Service is hooked up house by house, so it could take a long time,” Wandres said.

Google Fiber hopes to catch up with orders for gigabit Internet service by the end of 2014.

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