Illegal music?


A student who recently responded to an open call for the BYUSA Student Honor Choir arrived for practice to find that about half of the group’s sheet music, which is used semester to semester, was illegal. Despite the large print stating the illegality of copying sheet music for any use, and despite concern between the participants and temporary director, many copies of the music had been made and maintained by BYUSA.

The group has a tradition of singing songs that focus on honor in order to promote BYU values and the characteristics the BYU community strives for. Despite being asked not to give fireside concerts anymore, the group continues its efforts to line up concerts in associated wards and struggles to maintain membership.

The participants focused their work only on the legal music, and BYUSA finally “approved” that the music could be destroyed, but it is not currently known if it ever was.

Alisa Rae
Hillsboro, Ore.


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