Young Ambassadors perform new show in Provo


The BYU Young Ambassadors debuted their new show “Heartsongs: Melodies of Love” at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo and impressed the public with their energy.

They group performs all-time favorites like "Singing in the Rain".
The Young Ambassadors perform musical favorites like “Singin’ in the Rain.” (Photo courtesy of Mark Philbrick)

This year marks the BYU Young Ambassadors’ 44th year in performance. They started performing in an expo in Japan back in 1970, and their fame has grown. The group is composed of 20 stage performers and a 10-member band.

This season, the Young Ambassadors are performing many all-time love song favorites, from Broadway shows like “Singin’ in the Rain” and “Cinderella” to songs by Michael Bublé, Elvis Presley and The Beatles. The performance explores the ups and downs of life and the power of love, and the performers hope the audience will leave feeling more love for others.

The performance was the group’s first presentation of the year and the first of 10 it will have in Utah, Nevada and Idaho until May, before the troupe heads halfway around the world to Thailand, Vietnam and, for the first time, Cambodia. In the program’s 44 years, the Young Ambassadors have performed in 66 countries, including China, Germany, Italy and Brazil and most of the U.S. states.

With colorful costumes and high energy performances the group impressed the public. (Photo courtesy of Mark Philbrick).
With colorful costumes and high energy performances, the group impressed the public. (Photo courtesy of Mark Philbrick)

The colorful costumes, in addition to the synchronized and energetic choreography, made it a show that depicts the power and beauty of love. The Ambassadors performed many different dance styles, from tap to the rhythms of the Caribbean islands, in the 90-minute show.

Austin Hewlett, a junior in information systems who is in his first year as a Young Ambassador, demonstrated enthusiasm about the performance.

“There was a lot of energy, a lot of excitement. The audience was really into it, and we just feed off of that, so it was good. … It was good for the Young Ambassadors,” Hewlett said. “We are happy to (be) where we are at.”

The audience included many family members and friends of those who were performing, including Ray Monroe, from Scipio, who went to the show to see one of his friends who was performing and was impressed with the presentation.

“I enjoyed every second,” Monroe said.

Full families also enjoyed the show. Kim Bradshaw, from Provo, brought her family to watch and said they all enjoyed the performance.

“It was a great show. Very entertaining,” Bradshaw said.

The full repertoire, tour places and other information can be found at the Young Ambassadors’ official website:

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