One-party rule


BYUSA has enjoyed one-party rule for too long. If BYU were a state, we would face scrutiny from the international community and possible sanctions until we started having free and fair elections.

I propose that for the next student government elections, we allow another party on the ballot. Too long we have only been given options from the party on who we can vote for. This is why I am forming the BYU Bull Moose Party.

We will address real issues and make real change. Instead of distracting the masses with endless parties, we plan to reduce the dance budget and start putting money toward a parking structure. Any practical person does not believe we need three to four homecoming dances. There are precious few parking spots, and many students are forced to walk too far through snow and single-digit temperatures.

Instead of offering vending machines in the library, we offer a change in the beard rule. The hippie era has been dead for decades; it is time to move on and look manlier than ever.

The BYU Bull Moose Party: By the People, of the People, for the People.

Michael Voyles
Lakeland, Fla.
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