Predatory parking


Recently, while walking back to my car with my date, I found my car hitched up to a tow truck. I had parked legally and was furious. I told the man to unhook my vehicle.

He then went on to inform me that the parking spot that my car was in was one of three spots in the entire housing complex that was privately owned, and that I was illegally parked.

I asked him how I was supposed to know that these specific spots were private since they looked like all the other spots in the complex. He pointed to a sign in the corner of the lot that had been bent in half so the warning couldn’t be seen. Despite the obvious visual obstruction of the sign, he refused to unhook my car until I paid the required fee.

Predatory parking is a problem that has plagued Provo for far too long. Despite recent assurances from Provo city officials that the problem has been resolved, the local students would strongly disagree. The only way for the problem to be resolved is for the city to provide fair ways for unfair citations to be appealed so that the citizens of Provo will no longer be victimized.

Andrew Welling

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