Provo names new Chief of Police

New Provo Chief of Police John King
New Provo Chief of Police John King. Photo by Provo’s Mayor Office.

Provo Mayor John Curtis named John King, who has 30 years of experience within law enforcement, as the newest Chief of the Provo Police Department.

King, who was chosen over 60 other applicants and is replacing former Chief Rick Gregory who left the department this July.

Mayor Curtis is satisfied with his hire of the recently crowned Police Chief.

“I’ve been impressed with Chief King and his ability to connect with people,” Curtis said.  “His talent was evident in the interview process.  I couldn’t be more pleased that we have an applicant all parties know was the best.”

King spent the past two years as the Director of the Police Academy at Hagerstowm, Maryland.  During his time as director, King focused on teaching principles of community-based policing and training future law enforcement leaders.  According to an official press release from the Mayor’s Office these issues have “been a focus for Mayor Curtis for the past several years.”

Previously, King served as chief of police for Gaithersburg, Maryland from 2007-2010 and spent 26 years as a distinguished officer in the Montgomery County Police Department, Maryland.

Included in his training background was the two years King spent as a contract instructor with the State Department’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program where he taught police leaders in places like Nigeria and Tanzania.

Mayor Curtis believes King’s past experiences prepared him to be the perfect man for the job.

“Chief King’s professional career has prepared him well for this position,” Curtis said.  “He brings a wide range of experience that is unique and important to us.  We’re looking forward to him making Provo and our community his home.”


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