Weekly Five: Things girls wished guys knew


Girls are from Venus, and guys are from Mars. Wait, actually they are both from Earth, but because men and women are so different, we often feel like the other gender must be from a different planet. This leaves those who are single to battle through the dating grounds of BYU, clueless as to what the other side may be thinking.

Listed below are tips given by BYU women to help guys in their dating life. However, as a disclaimer, this is not to say that girls don’t need relationship advice from guys. We are all a work in progress.

1. Give her date details

If a guy plans a date in advance it makes the girl feel special.

“It is so helpful when a guy sends you a reminder text because often times guys ask you out and then you don’t talk again until the day of the date,” said Montana Beifuss, a nursing major at BYU. “It’s nice if they tell you things like what to wear, what you plan on doing and if you will be eating so you know whether or not eat beforehand.”

Also, if you plan on doing something outside, let the girl know so she can wear proper shoes and clothing. Men, it is charming to pull the jacket move, but it is even hotter if you have a well-thought-out date that shows you care.

2. Dates don’t have to be costly or extravagant

Most girls feel awkward if a guy spends too much money by taking her to an expensive restaurant or activity. Creativity is king when it comes to impressing a girl on a date. When a guy makes a date personal for the girl and manages to do it on a low budget, it is impressive.

“I totally understand that money is tight,” said Kayla Gazdik, a recreation management major at BYU. “We are all in college and are poor, so I don’t expect or want him to spend all this money on me. As long as the guy shows that he put time and thought into the date, then that is all that matters.”

3. Listen to her

Boys, if you have not noticed, girls enjoy talking, so when they do, listen. It means a lot to a girl if you remember things she says on a date and can repeat them back to her later on. It will win you major bonus points.

Also, when a girl comes to you with a problem and is frustrated, she wants to vent. Guys are fixers and want to fix a girl’s distress. So naturally, they come up with solutions. More often than not, girls will become upset and think you are not being sympathetic if you offer a way to fix the situation. Letting her talk and being there to comfort her is the best therapy. Listen and prove you are listening, and it will work wonders.

4. Watch for hints

As much as most guys wish girls would be honest and say when they are not interested, most girls are nice and don’t want to come off as unkind, so they drop hints. We all know the line, “I had a great time. We should do it again sometime,” in the after-date conversation or thank you texts. When a girl doesn’t respond to that invitation or doesn’t respond after you try to contact her several times, she is not interested in anything more than a friendship.

5. Chivalry is not dead

“When a guy is chivalrous on a date, it shows me that he respects and cares for me,” said Kathryn Arbon, a nursing major at BYU. “When it comes down to it, that is how all girls want to be treated and all they really want. There is nothing more charming than a man that opens the door.”

Gentlemen ,you all know how to be chivalrous. Open doors, make sure she is comfortable, pay for the date and treat her with respect, and your actions won’t go unnoticed.

So gentlemen, take these tips to heart when you’re planning your next date. Dating can be confusing and stressful, but using these tips will make it that much easier and positive for everyone.

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