Five National Parks within four hours


Utah is home to five national parks and several other park units, but some students graduate from BYU without ever having visited one of them.

Many of these parks, such as Arches in Moab, have visitors who travel across the globe to see them, while BYU students are less than four hours away.

Veterans Day weekend, Nov. 9–Nov. 11, is only one of the few times a year the national parks have designated as free park entrance days, and it is fast approaching. This slideshow highlights the top five Utah national parks less than four hours away that students might want to consider making a group trip to for Veterans Day weekend.

[soundslides width=”620″ height =”533″ id=”343871″]

EDITED: The story previously referred to 17 national parks in Utah. There are 17 national park units and five national parks in Utah.

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