Don’t judge a book by its cover


I walked away from Neal Cox’s recent devotional address with renewed Cougar pride and gratitude that I attend “the warmest and most inviting campus on Earth.” This pride turned to disappointment after reading an article in The Universe criticizing the fashion preferences of fellow BYU students, going so far as to complain that some styles “just hurt your eyes.”

The age-old lesson of not judging a book by its cover is one we’ve heard countless times, but maybe once more wouldn’t hurt.

While I appreciate the author and her sources did not intend for their comments and opinions to be malicious or ridiculing, I feel the entire article was unnecessary. As BYU students we are the future leaders of our world and church, and we should act as such. The discussion of our peers’ clothing choice is debilitating to the higher plane of thought we should strive to maintain.

I enjoy reading The Universe because it contains interesting and relevant stories that keep me informed about my school and community. This article may have been written in good fun, but I am sure there are other topics that are more appropriate and pertinent to the caliber of BYU’s student body and faculty.

Instead of being so concerned with the fashionable welfare of our peers, let us try to be just as invested in their success and happiness here at the Y. Success and happiness will undoubtedly last longer than next season’s trend in headbands.

Jessica Lukow
Las Vegas

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