Allow longboards and scooters on campus


Students who bike on campus have become a prevalent issue the past few weeks.

Biking is allowed on campus, yet longboards and push scooters are not. Cyclists are supposed to follow traffic rules and regulations while on campus. They are also not supposed to bike during class breaks when most students are walking on campus.

Cyclists are inconsiderate of other students and cars on campus. I know it’s a healthy way to get to and from school, and it is definitely cheaper than having a car, but I have personally seen people get hit by cyclists. I would rather almost get hit by a student on a longboard or scooter than a bike.

Cyclists come right up to cars, and it is dangerous for the driver and cyclists. I am not opposed to the idea of biking to school, but with the potential danger, we should enforce a bigger rule of not being where people walk and following the traffic rules and regulations.

Also, we might want to consider the fact that longboards and push scooters should be allowed like bikes. Their owners seem to be more careful than the cyclists who go when and where they want.

Rachel Dorius

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